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We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience. We are happy to adapt appropriate training courses directly to our customers and, where desired and appropriate, also conduct them directly at the customer's premises.

We offer the following training courses, among others:

  • digivod training: We train camera operators and security personnel as well as private individuals in how to use digivod to get the most out of the product. We are happy to adapt the focus to your requirements.
  • Training courses on the legal basis of video surveillance: Legal requirements largely determine the area of application of video surveillance and are therefore important guidelines. We familiarize you with these guidelines and enable you to define legally compliant operating rules for your personnel.
  • Scenario training: Scenario training: We prepare possible incidents (e.g. theft, assault, sexual harassment, etc.) and then act them out with your staff. The focus in this area is not on camera surveillance, but on the interaction between all the departments involved.