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digivod authority products

digivod GmbH has specialized strongly in the special requirements of security authorities.

Central management of (live) recordings

digivod Broker NG

Control surveillance or access directly from the control center. The digivod Broker NG is the central hub for police measures. Thanks to real-time access to all mobile recorders in the field, you always have an overview of current events.

Thanks to our innovative and powerful real-time transcoding, you always receive optimized video images that are adapted to the given network. digivod enables smooth video playback even in networks with high latency, such as LTE or satellite connections. Special features keep the load on cameras, network and recorder low, even with massively parallel live requests.

Broker NG allows smooth switching between replicated video archives of the mobile recorders currently being used online in the field and the actual recorder archive, thus enabling bandwidth-saving archive searches.

Forensic evaluation of recordings

digivod Investigator

Investigations by authorities and organizations with security tasks are making increasing use of image material and video recordings. Especially in the case of mass videos, such as those from surveillance cameras, the effort required to view and process all the material is extremely high.

At the same time, research and industry are providing ever newer and better video analysis methods, from classic image comparisons to differently trained deep learning networks.

The digivod Investigator is a software platform that grows with progress.

We are constantly evaluating and integrating the best state-of-the-art analysis methods and bundling them into targeted search tools. In this way, the software supports investigators in finding meaningful entry points in the image and video material.

What can you do with the Investigator?

Determine in various cases.

  • Look for the "red car" or "the person with jeans and a rucksack",
  • organize the search results in different, dynamic folders.
  • Our face recognition detects faces that are only recognizable when zoomed in.
  • Combined searches support you with questions such as "When? Where? How often?"

The Investigator supports police investigations with an intuitive UI, taking full account of data protection and evidence security.

Please contact us, if you are interested.