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Digivod Video Management Software

Digivod has been developing video management software since 2008. Their highly specialized solutions for live surveillance and retrograde video evaluation are the market leaders in the civil sector.

The software lets you manage, analyze, view and share your video in a resource-saving and intuitive way. It is compatible with a multitude of different software systems and capabilities, including Building Management Systems (BMS). It allows the integration of multiple brands of cameras and sensors. It can be customized to meet your specific needs. Digivod is available in several versions:

SMART Editions (full functionality set to a fixed number of cameras)

VMS Edition (full functionality with an unlimited number of cameras)

NSL Edition (special version for EMS control centers)

WPN Waypoint Network AG is the preferred distributor for Digivod software in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria.

Installation Partners and Dealers are welcome to contact us. 

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