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Our Story

Our Network - your waypoints

To establish a safe and secure invironment - WPN will help you to travel the waypoints needed with our network.

WPN - Waypoint Network AG was founded in 1999 in St. Gallen Switzerland and has been active in the field of security for over 20 years. 

WPN AG originally started providing physical security (stewardship, property and personal security) as well as incident medical training. We evolved to focus on security technology solutions. Thanks to our wealth of experience, our global network of professionals, and our range of specialists we can develop tailored and comprehensive solutions that meet a variety of specific needs.

Our Partners

We work closely with specialists from different areas in order to implement comprehensive projects. We begin by looking at the risks and threats and ask the question, “What do you need to accomplish?” and integrate capabilities designed to solve the problem.

  •  digivod gmbh: Video Security - Made in Germany. We are the swiss distributors!
  • Davantis: The video analytics experts with proprietary technology, compatible with your existing hardware.
  • Installation: We work with the most professional partners to prove to you - it's experience that matters.
  • Security Hardware: (Fence Protection, Fire prevention, alarm systems)
  • Risk Management: We start by assessing your risks and proceed from there. Threat assessments that consider the physical, electronic, and environmental risks. We have specialists in intelligence, counterintelligence, cybersecurity, personal protection and crisis management.